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Unlock iPhone 4s using SAM

Finally i have unlocked the iPhone 4s which Tinyan got it from her uncle about half a year ago. Thanks Steve for letting me know this solution. It unlocks a jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s using SAM(Subscriber Artificial Module) which is written by Sam Bingner and it is confirmed by the MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team.

You can find the unlock procedures in the following 2 posts.


I tried a few times by following the above steps but no luck. Whenever i connect the iPhone 4s to iTunes in the final step, iTunes always returned that the phone cannot be activated.

Finally, i follow the screencast made by Jeff Benjamin from iDownloadBlog and suddenly the signal bar appears.
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Maven H2O

Finally i could find some time to release this Maven H2O which i did when i was working in CECID in 2009-2010. It is under GNU General Public License (GPL v2). I fixed some dependencies problem and i found that the Maven repository has changed since i left CECID. It is now ready in GitHub.

Thanks Ronnie who gave me the chance to learn Maven and apply it on the H2O project. Also give thanks to other teammates – Philip, Steve, Patrick, Franz, Jumbo. I missed the time working with you guys in the CECID H2O team.


Done =)

NERDTree – The File Explorer in vi/vim

I have been working on Rails for more than half year and i do file editing with vi at server side most of the time. vi is a great tool but it is not convenient for editing multiple files which is very common in programmer. In the past, I had to close the file, cd to another directory and opened another file for editing. Continue reading NERDTree – The File Explorer in vi/vim

iPhone – Accessing the Global Variables in the AppDelegate

Sometimes u would need to create some Global Variables in an iPhone Application such that they can be accessed in other implementation class files.

Those Global Variables are created in the AppDelegate. If you want to access it in another file, you have to get the AppDelegate instance before you can read or write the Global Variables. For example, the HelloAppDelegate has a NSString instance variable named as greeting and i want to read it in the HelloViewController.m
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Java – Get the content of inputStream from HttpServletRequest

Recently, i got a support case and it is about the inconsistency of the content length declared in the http header and the actual content length of the http request.

So i modified an existing program which will get the http request and manipulate it. I add some codes such that it will get the request inputStream and count it byte by byte before the request manipulation.
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Windows 7 – Cannot connect to network drive

Back from Spain! I will summarize my trip a bit later =)

A few days ago, i found that my office computer was getting slower and slower and it always hanged for a while whenever i did any action on the Windows Explorer. So i migrated all the stuff to a new computer and try the Windows 7 Professional which HKU provided. Note that this is not the RC version. =P
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