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rbenv – Ruby version manager

rbenv is an alternative to rvm for managing your Rubies. You can find some articles comparing the two. In general, rbenv is more lightweight without overriding the cd and gem command which rvm does and their similarities outweigh their differences. Here is a great article written by Jonathan Jackson about the two solutions.


For Mac users, you could install rbenv using Homebrew. Otherwise, you need to checkout the repository on GitHub.

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Ruby – Installation on Ubuntu Lucid

I always wants to try Ruby but i didn’t determine to make it. Now i decide to create an Ruby on Rails web application as a learning goal.

So the first thing is to setup the development environment. As stated in the Rails documentation, there maybe some problems when running on Windows. so i created a virtual machine which is a Ubuntu Lucid and get everything ready there. Moreover, Rails 3.0 requires Ruby 1.9.2. So let’s start install the ruby first.

Please note that the following steps does not require root account. Just login with your own account with sudo enabled. Continue reading Ruby – Installation on Ubuntu Lucid