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BeansTag update

If you have no idea about BeansTag, please refer to BeansTag – The SEO tool for Drupal 7

Although BeansTag is not going to be approved as a Drupal 7 module, i still added some features to it as requested by the BeansTag users. But before i talk about the new features, i want to clarify a BeansTag concept

BeansTag depends directly on the url path.

For example, a node with nid = 1 has an url alias articles/abc, you can create 2 different BeansTags with the following paths.

  • node/1
  • articles/abc

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BeansTag – The SEO tool for Drupal 7

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BeansTag is a page title, meta tag and meta description management tool. It makes use of the path alias as an identifier for the SEO attributes. You could add them to any path alias and they would be shown in the webpage. It fully supports any pages including views, panel pages as well as nodes. Continue reading BeansTag – The SEO tool for Drupal 7

SEO – Remove your site from search engine index like Google

If you don’t want your site to be indexed by search engine like Google, create a file called robots.txt with the following 2 lines and put it in your webroot directory.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /


Open http://<your_domain>/robots.txt in browser to check if the above file is shown.

Done =)

Reference: Webmaster Tools Help – Removing your entire website using a robots.txt file