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Run Win XP in Virtual Box

Update @ 2013-08-10: It is found that there is no way to register the installed Windows XP. I tried to use the KEY file in the archive inside sources\xpm but that is not valid. It seems that we have to use the Windows Virtual PC. For more info, please refer to the following post.
XP Mode Unauthorized Key


It’s really funny to see how a BIG corporation like MTR recruits employees. The candidate needs to complete a few online tests. And these tests have to been done in a Windows XP machine and only support Internet Explorer. This is how things work in Hong Kong~~

Anyway, i solved the problem by setting up a Windows XP virtual machine by following the article written by Melanie Pinola.
How to Run Windows XP for Free in Windows 8

1. Download the WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe from Microsoft.
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VM Player – Modify the DHCP subnet and NAT gateway IP

VM Player is much simpler compared with VM Server. If you just looking at the user interface of the VM Player, you find nothing about the VM Player configuration.

Most of the time the VM image are copied from computer to computer and the VM player will auto assign the DHCP subnet and the NAT gateway IP for the VM image. This may cause problems if you want to preserve the IP address of the VM image. so how can we change these network settings?
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Introduction to Virtual Box and VM Player

As the computer processing power is getting much stronger, using virtual machine is very common nowadays.

For the server at my home, i use Sun Virtual Box to host the VM. It is a good software for beginners as it is quite easy to use and less demanding on the host computer compared with the VM Server which almost hangs my home computer =.=
Virtual Box Official Website
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