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Jenkins – Get the build user name in job config

I would like to get the username who triggered the Jenkins job in the Post build task. At first i thought the Build User Vars Plugin could work but than i realize those variables are only available in the Build process but not the post build action.

Luckily, i found a blog post written by Donald Simpson which help me to solve the problem.

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Jenkins – Conditional post-build action

With Jenkins, we can setup downstream projects under the post-build action section in the project configuration page. This is very useful for setting up pipeline for Continuous Integration/Delivery.
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Jenkins – Setup a simple Ant build project

Jenkins, previously named as Hudson, is a continuous integration tool just like CruiseControl. It has been almost 4 years since i started learning Maven which made me fall in love about best practice. Deployment and testing automation is really fun and finally i got a chance to play it again.

In this article, i would show you how to setup a simple Ant build project in Jenkins. Before we start, please refer to the simple Java project example in the post below.


1. Download and install Jenkins.
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