Syntax Highlight

If you want to highlight the code when making your comment, wrap it with the following tag.
[sourcecode language=java]
<your code here>

The above piece of code will be highlighted with Java code format.

The following languages are supported.
* actionscript3
* bash
* coldfusion
* cpp
* csharp
* css
* delphi
* erlang
* fsharp
* diff
* groovy
* html
* javascript
* java
* javafx
* matlab (keywords only)
* objc
* perl
* php
* text
* powershell
* python
* r
* ruby
* scala
* sql
* vb
* xml

Reference: – Posting Source Code


6 thoughts on “Syntax Highlight”

  1. Let’s give Syntax Highlight a test here and see whether it will work:

    class SoundEagle
      string[] function WhereThe EaglesFly()
        return new Array();


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