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The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.

Milan Kundera




… because they want to do that thing well and beautifully. and it’s not about quantity. It’s about taking pleasure in the perfection and beauty of the particular. I’m still learning now that it’s about good and maybe never done; that the joy and work ethic and virtuosity we bring to the particular can impart a singular type of enjoyment to those we give to and of course ourselves.

Natalie Portman

Harvard Commencement Speech 2015


I have never believed that man’s freedom consisted in doing what he wants to do, but rather in never doing what he does not want to do, and this is the freedom I have always craved and often enjoyed and because of which I have most scandalized my contemporaries.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau



Reference: Quotations from Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Reveries of a Solitary Walker

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Enlightenment philosopher