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Drupal – Ubercart and SMTP Authentication Support

Finally i could use the Go Daddy email account as relay using the SMTP Authentication Support module in Drupal. I can send the testing email but it doesn’t work for those email triggered by the Ubercart module. This is because Ubercart has it own mail system so you have to tweak the setting such that it use the SMTP module to send email. This can be done by the Mail System module.

1. Download and install the Mail System module.

2. Go to the setting page @ admin/config/system/mailsystem.

3. Update the Cart module class, Order module class and Store module class such that they all use the SmtpMailSystem rather than UbercartMailSystem.
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Go Daddy SMTP Server URL for email relay

Recently i need to setup the SMTP relay on a Drupal website. The client uses Go Daddy as the email service provider so i just setup a new email account for the SMTP authentication.

As from what i found in the Go Daddy Support


The SMTP server URL is


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Configure Postfix/Sendmail for PHP mail() in Ubuntu

Actually configure Postfix or Sendmail for PHP mail() is the same. Both of them run the /usr/sbin/sendmail binary. It is quite confusing if we just look at the name of the binary but this is what Postfix did.

For more information, take a look at the Postfix Manual – sendmail.

For the PHP setting, open the /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and configure the sendmail_path. Continue reading Configure Postfix/Sendmail for PHP mail() in Ubuntu

Postfix – Relay via Gmail

Setting up Sendmail to relay public SMTP server such as Gmail is quite difficult. In the past, i just kept looking for the blog posts in Google and found that people have different ways to setup Sendmail, but not all of them could be repeated successfully in my setup. After so many trials and errors, i made the relay works but i couldn’t fully understand what’s going on in the setup.

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