Go Daddy SMTP Server URL for email relay

Recently i need to setup the SMTP relay on a Drupal website. The client uses Go Daddy as the email service provider so i just setup a new email account for the SMTP authentication.

As from what i found in the Go Daddy Support


The SMTP server URL is

  • smtpout.secureserver.net


But it didn’t work when i tried to send a testing email after setting up the Drupal SMTP module. It throws the following error.

  • SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.


Finally, i realize that the client is using the email plan in Asia Pacific region. So the corrent SMTP url should be

  • smtpout.asia.secureserver.net


=.= I have spent more than 30 mins to find the solution. Hope it could help you if u meet a similar problem.

Done =)

Reference: Go Daddy Support – trying to set up outgoing smtp on gmail – no settings work


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