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Unlock iPhone 4s using SAM

Finally i have unlocked the iPhone 4s which Tinyan got it from her uncle about half a year ago. Thanks Steve for letting me know this solution. It unlocks a jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s using SAM(Subscriber Artificial Module) which is written by Sam Bingner and it is confirmed by the MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team.

You can find the unlock procedures in the following 2 posts.


I tried a few times by following the above steps but no luck. Whenever i connect the iPhone 4s to iTunes in the final step, iTunes always returned that the phone cannot be activated.

Finally, i follow the screencast made by Jeff Benjamin from iDownloadBlog and suddenly the signal bar appears.
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iPhone – Create an URL Link

We can add an open URL action in iPhone application by the following line of code.

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"https://ykyuen.wordpress.com"]];

please note that it will close the application and open the URL in browser.

And if you want to have a direct link to Apple appstore, you can get the URL from iTunes Link Maker.


iTunes – Create .caf File

The AVAudioRecorder creates .caf format file in my next iPhone Application. so what is .caf file?

Core Audio Format (.caf) is a audio file container developed by Apple for audio files. A .caf file can contains different audio file formats just like .mov container for different video formats.

The post shows you how to convert the following file extensions to .caf using iTunes. Continue reading iTunes – Create .caf File