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DumpCamp – Where passion lies

Everything starts from an email written by Ronnie~

DumpCamp is a group of passionate software engineers who value on good stuff like technology and best practice. Our 1st meeting was held on Philip’s home @ 2012-01-28 which is our official meeting venue. =P

We had 2 sharing sessions on our 1st official gathering.
1. Splunk by Philip
2. Introduction to Drupal by me
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Maven H2O

Finally i could find some time to release this Maven H2O which i did when i was working in CECID in 2009-2010. It is under GNU General Public License (GPL v2). I fixed some dependencies problem and i found that the Maven repository has changed since i left CECID. It is now ready in GitHub.

Thanks Ronnie who gave me the chance to learn Maven and apply it on the H2O project. Also give thanks to other teammates – Philip, Steve, Patrick, Franz, Jumbo. I missed the time working with you guys in the CECID H2O team.


Done =)