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Eureka! – 2014 Review

Spending most of my time working for Lane Crawford last year. A very good experience to train up myself especially in Continuous Integration and systems/application monitoring~ Thanks Ronnie for giving me a chance to work with him again and also meet a interesting team in LC.

Other than tech stuff like Puppet, Django and Dashing etc. I think the most important thing i learn is about the goal of adopting Continuous Integration. In that past, i always thought that CI is about automating tedious steps and reduce any prone to human error. But now i realize that other than these practical purposes, CI also helps to promote team work with your colleagues which, for me, is very important in a working environment. And that may be the reason why i love working on CI project so much as i am always looking forward to working in a harmonic and funny team.

All the best in 2015!

  • 2014 Jan – 31,102
  • 2014 Feb – 32,281
  • 2014 Mar – 34,303
  • 2014 Apr – 33,524
  • 2014 May – 43,786
  • 2014 Jun – 60,785
  • 2014 Jul – 70,082
  • 2014 Aug – 64,341
  • 2014 Sep – 60,157
  • 2014 Oct – 53,798
  • 2014 Nov – 59,925
  • 2014 Dec – 56,679
  • 2014 Total – 600,763

汪生 – 當集中營裡,月台火車進站



背景資料: 關廠工人臥軌 他們應該還錢嗎?
Thanks Ronnie! =)





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DumpCamp – Introduction to New Relic

In the 2nd DumpCamp meeting, Ronnie showed us a SAAS service called New Relic which provides Application Performance Management solution mainly for web applications and servers. It’s capabilities include but not limit to:

  • Performance analytics on Ruby, Rails, PHP, Java, .Net, Python applications
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • SQL/NoSQL Performance Monitoring
  • Web Application Transaction Tracing

The Lite account is free and i tried it today. The setup is easy and straight forward. Just register an account online with some configurations on your web server through SSH. Then you could views your server and web application performance online.
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旅行的力量 – 深夜特急最終回

作者: 澤木耕太郎




我想我跟作者有一點相似,就是不喜歡做別人同樣的事。 XD

多謝 Tinyan 在我26歲前為我播下旅行的種子,亦多謝 Ronnie 介紹此書給我。 =)

DumpCamp – Where passion lies

Everything starts from an email written by Ronnie~

DumpCamp is a group of passionate software engineers who value on good stuff like technology and best practice. Our 1st meeting was held on Philip’s home @ 2012-01-28 which is our official meeting venue. =P

We had 2 sharing sessions on our 1st official gathering.
1. Splunk by Philip
2. Introduction to Drupal by me
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Maven H2O

Finally i could find some time to release this Maven H2O which i did when i was working in CECID in 2009-2010. It is under GNU General Public License (GPL v2). I fixed some dependencies problem and i found that the Maven repository has changed since i left CECID. It is now ready in GitHub.

Thanks Ronnie who gave me the chance to learn Maven and apply it on the H2O project. Also give thanks to other teammates – Philip, Steve, Patrick, Franz, Jumbo. I missed the time working with you guys in the CECID H2O team.


Done =)