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Boatswain Public BETA-I released


It has been almost 3 years (Early August 2015) since we came up with the idea of Boatswain and today our first public beta is…

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Why it takes so long?


Time to market is important.


I have heard many sincere advice in the past two years from my friends and I would like to thank everyone of them who has spent their time on Boatswain. And most importantly, I would like to express my deep appreciation to Steven Yeung, another Founder of Boatswain. He is the core “Engineer” of the project and without him it definitely needs to take three more years to deliver this release.

I don’t want to make a 30 mins article although i got a lot of words which i want to say. We hope to keep working on Boatswain but we need your help to make it better and if you have any question, suggestion or any comment just drop us a message. Your feedback is most welcome and highly appreciated. Thanks! 🙏

— Originally posted on Boatswain Blog.


AngularJS directives of Foundation

We got the Foundation 5 with Sass styling working on our AngularJS project which was scaffolded by Yeoman.


Let’s continue our ng-foundation example above.

To utilize the Foundation framework in a more effective way, the Mad Mimi team creates some native AngularJS directives based on Foundation‘s markup and CSS which is available on Bower.

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Yeoman – Setup AngularJS and Foundation 5 with Sass

The generator-angular written by the Yeoman team comes with Bootstrap integration. But instead of using Bootstrap, i would like to use Foundation 5 with Sass. The following example is created under Node.js v0.10.29.

1. Create your project directory. In my case, i will name the project ng-foundation.

mkdir ng-foundation


2. Move to the ng-foundation folder.

cd ng-foundation


3. Scaffold the AngularJS project using the generator-angular as usual.

yo angular

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Setup Yeoman in Windows PowerShell

Update @ 2015-09-23: Using PowerShell is just my personal preference, You could use MS-DOS in Windows if your machine doesn’t have PowerShell installed.

1. Download Node.js and install it and make sure you have the npm package manager selected before the installation.
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