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Gulp – Rewrite source files instead of creating new files

I would like to minified the .js files of the bower packages in my project. Usually, gulp will read the source files and the pipe them into new files but this time i would like to overwrite the original file without creating a .min.js file.


gulp.task('jsmin', function() {
  return gulp.src('bower_components/**/*.js', {base: './'})


The above task will read those .js files inside the bower_components folder, uglify the source file and create the corresponding .map file for each .js file in the same folder.

Done =)

Reference: StackOverflow – Can Gulp overwrite all src files?


AngularJS directives of Foundation

We got the Foundation 5 with Sass styling working on our AngularJS project which was scaffolded by Yeoman.


Let’s continue our ng-foundation example above.

To utilize the Foundation framework in a more effective way, the Mad Mimi team creates some native AngularJS directives based on Foundation‘s markup and CSS which is available on Bower.

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Manage your project dependencies using Bower

Let’s continue our tour on Yeoman.


Bower is a tool to manage your js dependencies of your project. you can find out all the dependencies on the bower.json. The bower.json below is the one initialized in the AngularJS project.
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Setup Yeoman in Windows PowerShell

Update @ 2015-09-23: Using PowerShell is just my personal preference, You could use MS-DOS in Windows if your machine doesn’t have PowerShell installed.

1. Download Node.js and install it and make sure you have the npm package manager selected before the installation.
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