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成立香港有限公司 @ 1

希望此 post 見天之日 QPon 已經運作中。

開公司的原因並不是因為 Freelance 做得好,亦不是業務好到要擴充,純粹因為想買一個 .com.hkDomain 名而已。當然還有為了自己一手一腳完成的新網站 QPon。我想在這裡賣廣告不太好吧,還是說回正題。


我希望在 Eureka! 分享一下這次經驗,讓有創業之志的你可以找到一些參考資料。
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Eureka! – 2012 Review

Happy new year!

2012 is a special year for me because not only i have turned myself from an employee to an freelancer, and also i have implemented my own idea as a real website called QPon. Although this idea is not working at all in HK, it is really an unforgettable experience to me.

On the other hand, i completed the another unforgettable life experience which is the round trip Taiwan cycling in October.

Looking forward to 2013 and wish you all have a fruitful year!

  • 2012 Jan – 49,045
  • 2012 Feb – 75,742
  • 2012 Mar – 78,831
  • 2012 Apr – 54,569
  • 2012 May – 53,906
  • 2012 Jun – 48,489
  • 2012 Jul – 50,296
  • 2012 Aug – 63,454
  • 2012 Sep – 59,668
  • 2012 Oct – 65,400
  • 2012 Nov – 70,705
  • 2012 Dec – 66,740
  • 2012 Total – 736,845

Drupal 7 – Create Newsletter for specific role

Simplenews is a great module for newsletter feature in Drupal. You can find more info about it below.


QPon has been launched for more than a month but still not attractive to the shop owners in Hong Kong. Currently i have around 20 business users but only a few of them have uploaded their coupon. So i am thinking to create newsletter specific for them. This could be done easily by the Simplenews Roles module.
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QPon – Made by Coupon

Made by Coupon
QPon is an online coupon platform for both shop owners and customers. The motivation of this project is to provide a free platform for the shop owners to promote their brand and products by offering discounts to customers. On the other hand, customers could find what they need in QPon.

One of the main feature which differentiate QPon from other typical coupon websites is the presentation. On the homepage, you could find many coupons flowing in a pool. Here, we name the coupon as QPon. The size of the QPon depends on the redemption ratio. The more people redeem it, the bigger it is until it meets the redemption quota and every QPon has equal probability could be viewed by the potential customers.

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