Drupal 7 – Create Newsletter for specific role

Simplenews is a great module for newsletter feature in Drupal. You can find more info about it below.


QPon has been launched for more than a month but still not attractive to the shop owners in Hong Kong. Currently i have around 20 business users but only a few of them have uploaded their coupon. So i am thinking to create newsletter specific for them. This could be done easily by the Simplenews Roles module.

1. Download and enable the module.

2. Go to admin/config/services/simplenews and add newsletter category.

3. Set the role which you want to synchronize to the subscription list for the newly added newsletter category.


4. Go to admin/people/simplenews if you could find the users with the synchronized role is automatically added to the newly created newsletter category.

Done =)

Reference: Drupal Module – Simplenews Roles


2 thoughts on “Drupal 7 – Create Newsletter for specific role”

  1. Hi this is nice tutorial and working perfect.. but the cron run only once correct … next time it’s not work… i put run every 1 hour to the cron job but it’s not work…. can u pls teach me?.. if any configure for enable cron in drupal 7


    1. How about manually running the cron job? Does it work?

      I think you can take a look on the status report and the recent log message, maybe you could find more hints about the failure there.

      You may also consider installed the Cron Debug module. It may help you to find the root cause. but i have never used it before.


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