Drupal 7 – Create Newsletter by Simplenews @ 1

The Simplenews module allows you to create newsletter and send to a list of subscribers.

1. Download and enable the module.


2. After you have enabled the module, you will find a new content type called Simplenews newsletter and also a new vocabulary called Newsletter.

3. Before you start create the your first newsletter, go to admin/config/services/simplenews and configure the newsletter category. By default there is a <site name> newsletter. Modify it.


4. Go to admin/structure/block and enable the Newsletter: Eureka Newsletter block for users to subscribe it.


5. Go to admin/people/permissions and enable Subscribe to newsletters for anonymous and authenticated users.


6. The subscription block is ready now. Enter an email for testing.


7. You will receive a confirmation email about the subscription. Open the confirmation link and click the Subscribe button as shown below.


8. You can manage the subscription list @ admin/people/simplenews.


9. Ok, we can now create the first newsletter. Add a new Simplenews newsletter content.


10. You can find the Newsletter tab on the node view.


11. Click the Newsletter tab and you can either send this newsletter to a test address or send to all subscribers.


12. Run the cron and the newsletter will be delivered to the subscribers.

What we have done so far is only for plain text newsletter. But i think most of the time the newsletter would be in HTML format which could provides much more interesting images and layout. We will continue tomorrow.

Done =)

Reference: Drupal module – Simplenews

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