Drupal 7 – Create Newsletter by Simplenews @ 2

We can use the Simplenews module to deliver newsletter to subscribers.
Drupal 7 – Create Newsletter by Simplenews @ 1

But usually newsletter is colorful HTML with images instead of just plain text. In this post we will continue working with the Simplenews module and try to create a HTML newsletter.

The HTML newsletter requires either the Mime Mail or HTML Mail module. I will use the Mime Mail in this post.

1. Download and enable the Mime Mail(download) and the Mail System(download) module.


2. Go to admin/config/system/mimemail to enable the Full HTML format and uncheck the Include site style sheets option.


3. Go to admin/config/services/simplenews and edit the newsletter category to set the Email format to HTML.


4. Go to admin/config/services/simplenews/settings/newsletter and set the Default newsletter options format to HTML.


5. Create a new Simplenews newsletter content with Full HTML body.

<h2>Eureka 2nd Newsletter</p>
<p style="color: red;">Hello world. Visit <a href="http://eureka.ykyuen.info">Eureka!</a>.</p>
<img src="https://ykyuen.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/img_1933.jpg"/>


6. This time i got a HTML newsletter. A picture of a terrific sakura i took during my trip to Fukushima in 2010. =P


Done =)


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