QPon – Made by Coupon

Made by Coupon
QPon is an online coupon platform for both shop owners and customers. The motivation of this project is to provide a free platform for the shop owners to promote their brand and products by offering discounts to customers. On the other hand, customers could find what they need in QPon.

One of the main feature which differentiate QPon from other typical coupon websites is the presentation. On the homepage, you could find many coupons flowing in a pool. Here, we name the coupon as QPon. The size of the QPon depends on the redemption ratio. The more people redeem it, the bigger it is until it meets the redemption quota and every QPon has equal probability could be viewed by the potential customers.


As a shop owners, you may want to keep track on the redeemed QPon. We called the it QPonlet. Each QPonlet will be given a QPonlet ID. An email will be sent to the customer with an attached QPon picture which has the QPonlet ID printed. Shop owners could login to QPon and verify the QPonlet ID whenever it is showed by the customers.


In Hong Kong, the rent is so expensive and quite a lot of shops are moved inside the buildings. I hope QPon could be a new channel for them to promote their brands and products without cost. Moreover, it would be great if the shop owners could make use of the room of the pool and design lovely QPon so as to attract the people to redeem it.

Unfortunately, it seems that the idea is not welcomed by the shop owners in Hong Kong. I have tried to promote the idea to more than hundreds of them but only a few of them give responses. I think my sales and presentation skill is really suck. =P

Anyway, i would try my best to keep it running i am open to any opportunities. Actually i want to try QPon in other city. If you are interested. Please let me know. =D


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