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Run Drupal 7 in Nginx

After so many days we have talked about setting up Nginx, PHP-FPM, MariaDB and some PHP caching. We can now try to run a Drupal instance on them. Before we starts, let me listed out all the previous posts.


It’s time to start the Drupal installation.
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Nginx – Enable Microcaching

Update @ 2013-05-09: I am not very sure if this could really enable the Nginx Microcaching as i couldn’t find the HIT value in the HTTP response. Please feel free to comment and let us know if you got the solution. Thanks. =D

Previous posts:


Enable Microcaching in Nginx could help making your website run much faster. Base on the setting we did in Nginx + PHP-FPM on Ubuntu Precise. Let’s edit the VirtualHost configuration file to enable Microcaching.
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