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Apache Ivy – Publish to Artifactory

Previously we have talked about how to work with Apache Ivy and Artifactory.


The next thing i would like to share is to publish your built .jar file to Artifactory.

1. Login to Artifactory web portal and create a new repository, click on the Admin tab and select Repository on the left menu side bar.
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Apache Ivy – Integrate with Artifactory

Like Maven, we could setup a repository server for better dependency management. So instead of connecting to the public repository, we want our Apache Ivy project links to our repository server, i have already setup the Artifactory repository server in my local machine. Let’s continue with the project we created yesterday.


1. Add the ivysettings.xml location in the build.xml.
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Jenkins – Setup a simple Ant build project

Jenkins, previously named as Hudson, is a continuous integration tool just like CruiseControl. It has been almost 4 years since i started learning Maven which made me fall in love about best practice. Deployment and testing automation is really fun and finally i got a chance to play it again.

In this article, i would show you how to setup a simple Ant build project in Jenkins. Before we start, please refer to the simple Java project example in the post below.


1. Download and install Jenkins.
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Composer – Manage your PHP dependencies

Mess up with the PHP dependencies in different environments? Composer is a PHP dependency manager where all the dependencies information are stored in the JSON file called composer.json. Similar to the pom.xml if you are using Maven in Java.

This example is done on a Windows machine. You could refer to Composer website if you are using Mac or Linux.

1. Download and install the Composer as stated in the Composer website.
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成立香港有限公司 @ 2


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DumpCamp – Introduction to New Relic

In the 2nd DumpCamp meeting, Ronnie showed us a SAAS service called New Relic which provides Application Performance Management solution mainly for web applications and servers. It’s capabilities include but not limit to:

  • Performance analytics on Ruby, Rails, PHP, Java, .Net, Python applications
  • Real User Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • SQL/NoSQL Performance Monitoring
  • Web Application Transaction Tracing

The Lite account is free and i tried it today. The setup is easy and straight forward. Just register an account online with some configurations on your web server through SSH. Then you could views your server and web application performance online.
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2011 – Bali Journey Review @ 1

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大約在公元前2000年就已經有南島語族(Austronesian)在峇里島生活,根據Wikipedia這些南島語族是從台灣遷移到東南亞一帶。南島語族所覆蓋的地方西至非洲馬達加斯加(Madagascar),南至紐西蘭(New Zealand),東至夏威夷(Hawaii)。

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Run WhatsApp on Android SDK without a phone

Update @ 2013-8-25: You can consider Whatsapp Plus as suggested by harish.

Update @ 2012-11-13: Anyone could confirm the following solution work or not?

WhatsApp requires a SIM-Card. I know from various xda-developers discussions, that it’s easier to do a backup from whatsapp on your phone with titanium backup, and then restore it inside your VM. But, the message database is local and messages are not synced across identical accounts.

Reference: CrazyEngineers – Unable to Install Whatsapp on ubuntu; help!!!

Update @ 2012-9-23: This maybe a temporary workaround but only for people who already running whatsapp with his device.
WhatsApp Web Client

Update @ 2012-08-07: I have tried on both BlueStacks and Android emulator. Both of them have connection problem. Seems the Whatsapp server somehow blocked the verification. Currently seems no way to run Whatsapp on PC. =.=

Would that be a proxy problem? Anyone could complete the verification?


Since i dun have a smart phone~ My friend Simon blames me as he can’t reach me with WhatsApp. So he sent me a Taiwan blog post about using WhatsApp in PC and now i translate the steps in English.

1. Download and install the Java SDK. (Download Java 7)

2. Download the Android SDK @ Android Developer

3. Extract the Android SDK and run the SDK Manager.exe
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