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Run WhatsApp on Android SDK without a phone

Update @ 2013-8-25: You can consider Whatsapp Plus as suggested by harish.

Update @ 2012-11-13: Anyone could confirm the following solution work or not?

WhatsApp requires a SIM-Card. I know from various xda-developers discussions, that it’s easier to do a backup from whatsapp on your phone with titanium backup, and then restore it inside your VM. But, the message database is local and messages are not synced across identical accounts.

Reference: CrazyEngineers – Unable to Install Whatsapp on ubuntu; help!!!

Update @ 2012-9-23: This maybe a temporary workaround but only for people who already running whatsapp with his device.
WhatsApp Web Client

Update @ 2012-08-07: I have tried on both BlueStacks and Android emulator. Both of them have connection problem. Seems the Whatsapp server somehow blocked the verification. Currently seems no way to run Whatsapp on PC. =.=

Would that be a proxy problem? Anyone could complete the verification?


Since i dun have a smart phone~ My friend Simon blames me as he can’t reach me with WhatsApp. So he sent me a Taiwan blog post about using WhatsApp in PC and now i translate the steps in English.

1. Download and install the Java SDK. (Download Java 7)

2. Download the Android SDK @ Android Developer

3. Extract the Android SDK and run the SDK Manager.exe
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