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Artifactory – Upload artifact through command line

Jenkins works well with Artifactory and the built artifact will be upload to the Artifactory repository automatically.

One day, i found that the artifact is built but it is not uploaded. The Linux server doesn’t have the desktop interface so i couldn’t upload the artifact through browser. An alternative way is to use the curl command to post the artifact to the repository.

curl -X POST <target url> --data <artifact>



curl -X POST http://localhost:8081/artifactory/dev-snapshot-local/eureka-v0.0.1.tar.gz --data eureka-v0.0.1.tar.gz


Done =)

Reference: StackOverflow – How do I deploy a file to Artifactory using the command line


Apache Ivy – Publish to Artifactory

Previously we have talked about how to work with Apache Ivy and Artifactory.


The next thing i would like to share is to publish your built .jar file to Artifactory.

1. Login to Artifactory web portal and create a new repository, click on the Admin tab and select Repository on the left menu side bar.
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Apache Ivy – Integrate with Artifactory

Like Maven, we could setup a repository server for better dependency management. So instead of connecting to the public repository, we want our Apache Ivy project links to our repository server, i have already setup the Artifactory repository server in my local machine. Let’s continue with the project we created yesterday.


1. Add the ivysettings.xml location in the build.xml.
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