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Drupal – Build an Online Store with Ubercart

The Ubercart module is a complete E-Commerce suite which turn your Drupal website into an online store. It is a very big module which contains a lot of features. In this article, i will try to show you those basics but actually i am not intimate with it very well.

Before you start, it is recommended that Imagecache, CCK Image field and Views are installed. This allows our store product image showing to the customers.

1. Download and install the Ubercart – core features. Continue reading Drupal – Build an Online Store with Ubercart

Drupal – Add Image for Taxonomy

Taxonomy allows you to add Categories and Tags to node. Previously i have created some terms/tags for the Stories vocabulary/category.
Drupal – Manage Categories and Tags by Taxonomy

So now i want to add an image for each of the terms under the Stories. So what you need is a Drupal module called Taxonomy Image.

Enable the Taxonomy Image in Drupal. Continue reading Drupal – Add Image for Taxonomy