Drupal – Add Image for Taxonomy

Taxonomy allows you to add Categories and Tags to node. Previously i have created some terms/tags for the Stories vocabulary/category.
Drupal – Manage Categories and Tags by Taxonomy

So now i want to add an image for each of the terms under the Stories. So what you need is a Drupal module called Taxonomy Image.

Enable the Taxonomy Image in Drupal.


I have created a new ImageCache called taxonomy-image. So i can set it to the Taxonomy Image Resizing Options @ Adminster –> Site configuration –> Taxonomy Image.


So now i can add an image for each term/tag under Stories vocabulary/category.


You can now created a view to show those taxonomy images. Actually i try to use the Taxonomy Image Blocks, but i don’t know why there is nothing inside the block. If you know how to use it, please let me know. thanks =).

Done =)

Reference: Drupal Module – Taxonomy Image

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