Drupal – Build an Online Store with Ubercart

The Ubercart module is a complete E-Commerce suite which turn your Drupal website into an online store. It is a very big module which contains a lot of features. In this article, i will try to show you those basics but actually i am not intimate with it very well.

Before you start, it is recommended that Imagecache, CCK Image field and Views are installed. This allows our store product image showing to the customers.

1. Download and install the Ubercart – core features.


2. There will be a Store administration option added in the menu after installation. You can manage everything about the online store at there.


3. On the other hand, a new content type called Product is created. Let’s create our first product which is a book written by Haruki Murakami.


4. You can find all the products @ http://<drupal_root>/products. This view is created after the Ubercart installation.


5. So now you can add the book to cart and proceed the shopping.


6. As a customer, he/she needs to fill in his/her information int he check out page.


7. Review and submit the order. An email with invoice will be delivered to the customer.


8. The Store Administrator could now find the order @ Store administration –> Orders.


Done =)

Reference: Drupal Module – Ubercart

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