Run WhatsApp on Android SDK without a phone

Update @ 2013-8-25: You can consider Whatsapp Plus as suggested by harish.

Update @ 2012-11-13: Anyone could confirm the following solution work or not?

WhatsApp requires a SIM-Card. I know from various xda-developers discussions, that it’s easier to do a backup from whatsapp on your phone with titanium backup, and then restore it inside your VM. But, the message database is local and messages are not synced across identical accounts.

Reference: CrazyEngineers – Unable to Install Whatsapp on ubuntu; help!!!

Update @ 2012-9-23: This maybe a temporary workaround but only for people who already running whatsapp with his device.
WhatsApp Web Client

Update @ 2012-08-07: I have tried on both BlueStacks and Android emulator. Both of them have connection problem. Seems the Whatsapp server somehow blocked the verification. Currently seems no way to run Whatsapp on PC. =.=

Would that be a proxy problem? Anyone could complete the verification?


Since i dun have a smart phone~ My friend Simon blames me as he can’t reach me with WhatsApp. So he sent me a Taiwan blog post about using WhatsApp in PC and now i translate the steps in English.

1. Download and install the Java SDK. (Download Java 7)

2. Download the Android SDK @ Android Developer

3. Extract the Android SDK and run the SDK Manager.exe

4. It may take some time to fetch the repositories. When it is done. Install the following packages as shown in the picture.

  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android SDK Platform-tools
  • SDK Platform 2.2
  • Samples for SDK 2.2
  • Google APIs by Google Inc.
  • Google USB Driver Package

Some notes:

  1. I also tried to run in in SDK 4.0.3. But when i run the WhatsApp.apk, it will show the Unfortunately, process has stopped error.
  2. I also tried other values in the Target field when creating the AVD, ex. GALAXY TAB Addon and Android 2.2 – API Level 8, but none of them works. You will get Application is not installed.


5. After the above packages are installed. Close the SDK Manager.exe.

6. Now, run the AVD Manager.exe.

7. Click the New button to create a new Android Virtual Device (AVD) with the following settings. MAKE SURE you select Google APIs(Google Inc.) – API Level 8 for the Target option.


8. When the AVD is ready, select it and click the Start button.


9. After the AVD has completed the boot, search WhatsApp in the Google search bar and install it.

10. Drag down the top status bar after the download has completed. Click the WhatsApp.apk and start the installation.


11. Click the Open button in the above picture and then click Agree and Continue.


12. Select your location and enter your phone number.


13. The phone with the above number will receive a SMS for verification. It may take several minutes so be patient. But even after you have received the SMS, you could not enter it until the count down ends.


14. As the AVD will never detect the SMS, your phone will receive a call but you can ignore it. The verification code is the same as the one in the SMS. Enter it and it will ask for your name.


15. The WhatsApp installation is done. Now go back to your Home screen and add a new contact.


16. Click the Menu button to prompt a menu bar. Then click New contact to add your friends.


17. Return to WhatsApp and send your first WhatsApp message!


Done =)



89 thoughts on “Run WhatsApp on Android SDK without a phone”

  1. Grande articolo operazione riuscita ma non riesco a vedere i video inviati da un iphone al computer naturalmente utilizzando whatsapp


      1. He told that he cannot see videos sended from an iPhone to the PC, using what’s app on pc.
        ykyuen, do you think there is a way to use WA on mobile phone and on PC at the same time ? I know that tha authentication is MAC Address based.. and there is also some stuff with imei code on Android..


  2. Thanks for all these, it work fine. But then after I closed it I can not find it to open again. Please tell me where it hidden. Thank You!



    1. you mean after you closed the WhatsApp or the Android simulator?

      for the latter one, you can start the simulator by double clicking the AVD Manager.exe and start the AVD again.


      1. ok kwl i got it to work but now when i try to start it i get to the mobile homepage thinhg, and then the application stops responding


    1. Did you see the message “Application is installed” after you run the whatsapp package?

      Make sure u are using Google APIs(Google Inc.) – API Level 8


    1. you mean when you try to install the whatsapp application but you dun have enough space? that’s strange.

      Have you set the SD card size to 512 when creating the virtual device? or your harddisk really run out of space?


    2. Created as the tuto said … but no space left … now I removed some apps and it works … I have the alert “low space” but it is working …
      when I check the space I have 1G available in SD … the main memory is almost full.


      1. My avd only has the whatsapp application so it didn’t run out of memory.


        You can add more ram to the virtual device, Open the AVD Manager, edit the device and create new hardware for Device ram size


        You can also add more java heap size.


  3. Android booted perfectly
    whatsapp installation had some problems directy searching for “whatsapp”.
    Then i solved searching for “whatsapp apk”.
    It was installed and launched 🙂
    Then i put my mobile phone number and press OK.
    here the problem: “Unable to connect. Please try again later” with two buttons, “Check status” and “cancel”…

    Any idea?


    1. which whatsapp version did u install? i wonder if some versions may not work any more.

      and what is the result if u click check status?


  4. Hello,

    I have the same problem runing Android 4.1 or 2.3.3.

    When Check Status is clicked, I get directed to Whatsapp page in Twitter
    Thank you


    1. um… i have no idea on that. i wonder if whatsapp has blocked the installation on emulator.

      but i found another way to run whatsapp on desktop, there is an software called BlueStacks. For more information, please refer to the following post.
      WhatsApp on PC

      Hope this solution work for u.


      1. I have tried on both BlueStacks and Android emulator. Both of them have connection problem. Seems the Whatsapp server somehow blocked the verification.

        Currently seems no way to run Whatsapp on PC. =.=


  5. plx i have the android emulator buh i dnt think i have the google api cus i cant go online so i dnt knw how am gonna install it….plz help…someone instaled it for me so i dnt knw if i have the stuff i need to be able to install it.


    1. The whatsapp server blocked the verification. Currently no way to verify the whatsapp installation in neither the emulator nor BlueStacks.


  6. After launching the AVD , i clicked on the browser to browse but it was unable to connect. Is my LAN connection a problem?? Where do i configure the proxy of my LAN in the emulator. Previously i was using Bluestack and Youwave and i was facing the same problem, though they ran on wi-fi connection but was unable to configure for LAN?? please answer my query if you have any solution.


  7. HI.
    I know this is a bit stupid, but yes. I’m confused in the java sdk page. will you please give me the download link of java sdk?


      1. omg..!!! oooohh… sad.. 😦 i need this software.. don’t know what to do….. helpless here..!


  8. Hello,
    I installed the SDK and followed your instructions. I have a proxy, so I started the SDK with the correct proxy settings.
    I used the Android 2.2 but I also tried 4.x…

    I successfully downloaded the whatsapp application for the 2.2 (so, I have the proof that the emulator correctly uses the proxy settings)
    I installed WhatsApp, but after inputing my cell # I got the “UNABLE TO CONNECT” crap.

    The same problem I got with the BlueStacks emulator (which does NOT offer native proxy support, so I’ve tried 2 different proxifiers).

    So, there is DEFINITELY NO WAY to run WhatsApp on ANY PC Android Emulator, actually! 😦



      1. Sure, but it didn’t allow the use of Proxies so it’s unuseful to me 😦

        Moreover it requires a WhatsApp account… and I do NOT have one, since I do not have Android on my phone 🙂


  9. android doesn’t boot, i can just see “android_” written on the display and it doesn’t load anything even clicking on any button… any idea? (i followed all your instructions)


      1. Thanks for the reply ykyuen
        Unfortunately, the web client is not working either.
        It gives me the error: This number is not registered with the given device identifier.


      2. Then i think that web client is only for ppl who already running whatsapp with his phone.

        Seems currently no way to run it on Desktop…


  10. hey em using ubuntu 12.04
    so i have install AVD to run whatsapp but it show me an error msg “unable to connect,please try again” .
    so is there any alternative for AVD


  11. hello guys,
    my problem is that i cant install/download whatsapp from the, because i have already installed the app on my phone, but i lost it… and want to reinstall it on the android emulator, BUT i cant, due to the fact that i am not able to select another device, in this case the droid emulator, because there is no option to… pls help me out!


  12. I have finished till Step 5. Step 66 AVD Manager.exe, throws error while executing, that it cannot execute tools\android.bat. But when I saw i cold see the same file in the tools directory too!


    1. I never tried that before as it is not an official released by whatsapp. But i think it’s worth to try on the emulator~ thanks for your suggestion. =)


  13. i followed the steps you told and i have installed whats app and it is working very well but only problem that i am having is i can not download the images and videos sent to be by friends i have alredy checked the boxes related to downloading of video and images from setting option but still i can not download them please guide me to solve this problem thank you


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