Drupal – Site Name Translation

The Drupal site name could be set @ Administer –> Site configuration –> Site information.

In a previous post, you can find out how to setup a multilingual Drupal web site using the i18n module.
Drupal – Apply Language Pack

After applying the language pack, you can switch the language with the language switcher block. But you can never set the site name for each language. This is because we haven’t set the site name into our i18n variables. To solve the problem, open the sites/files/settings.php and add the following lines.

 * Multilingual settings
 * This is a collection of variables that can be set up for each language when i18n enabled.
 * These are the basic ones for Drupal core, but you can add your own here.
$conf['i18n_variables'] = array(
  'site_name',  //For site name translation


Restart the Apache server, set the Drupal site names in each language interface. The above configuration also allows you to translate the site slogan, primary and secondary links menu…etc

Actually the Custom Breadcrumbs also make use of this i18n variables to translate the Home text.
Drupal – Custom BreadCrumbs Home Text Translation

Done =)

Reference: Multilingual variables


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