Rails – link_to :delete fails

I have created a delete link in the view to delete an object using link_to in Rails but whenever i click the link it goes to the :show method instead of prompting a Javascript alert box for delete confirmation. Here is the code in the view.

<%= link_to "delete", service, :method  => :delete,
                               :confirm => "You sure?",
                               :title   => service.title %>


I have configured the routes in config/routes.rb and i am sure the Delete route exists as i have checked with the rake routes command. So what did i miss?

Finally, i found that i didn’t include the default Rails Javascript files. The problem was solved by adding the following line inside the <head> in application.html.erb.

  • <%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>


The delete link works perfect now.

Done =)

Reference: Stack Overflow – link_to delete url is not working

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