Run Selenium in Tapestry Maven Project

If you want to know how to run Selenium in a Maven webapp project, you can refer to the following post.
Selenium – Integrate the Selenium Tests into Maven Build

If you are a Tapestry user, the pom.xml in the above article may not work as the webapp cannot be started in the Embedded Jetty (404 Not Found). I am not sure the reason behind but i find a work around to solve the problem. The tricky thing is in the Embedded Jetty configuration in the cargo2-maven-plugin.

So if u meet the same problem, try to modify the cargo2-maven-plugin configuration in the pom.xml as follow.

		<!-- For Tapestry user -->


If you have any idea about the failure reason, please let me know =)

Done =)

Reference: maven2でjettyを起動してseleniumを使う


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