svnX – Free Subversion Client in Mac

I have been working on iPhone Application for a month. Hope it can be released soon. =P

As the project is almost completed, i would like to import the source code to a SVN repository. In Mac, there is a free SVN client called svnX. This post show you how to work with your SVN repository using svnX.

After starting the svnX client, two windows are shown.

  • Repostories – List all the available SVN repositories
  • Working Copies – List all the SVN working copies in the client machine


Add a SVN Repository

  • Press the + sign in the Repositories window and fill in the SVN repository detail


Checkout A Working Copy

  • Double click the SVN repostory entry
  • Select the folder in the repository which you want to check out
  • Press the Checkout button
  • Select the folder in the client machine for checkout


Commit The Changes In The Working Copy

  • Add/Modify files in the checkout folder
  • Double click the entry in the Working Copies window
  • Select the modifications and press the Commit button


Verify the new changes


Done =)


4 thoughts on “svnX – Free Subversion Client in Mac”

  1. I find the UI a bit confusing, everything is based on drag and drop, no context menus, it’s pretty powerful, but working with it slow.


    1. I got the same impression when i ran the svnX client the first time. but everything is fine after u have run it several times.

      I didn’t try other svn clients in Mac OS. i use svnX mostly because it is free. =P


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