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Apache – Setup the VirtualHost

Usually, people got more than one website in the Apache web server and sometimes they want to separate them into different domain names. This can be done by the Apache VirtualHost.

The following example is done in Mac MAMP, i guess the configuration on Linux and Windows should be similar. Let’s start now.

1. I have 2 folders in the Apache webroot folder

  • drupal-6.19 – The Drupal Application
  • HelloWorld – Folder contains simple HTML

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MAMP – Introduction

MAMP is Apache, MySQL and PHP runs on Mac. For Mac users, it is very convenient to use the MAMP package such that they don’t need to install the those application one by one. Moreover, MAMP package also bundled with some other useful programs as well as libraries such as phpMyAdmin and the PHP GD library. For more information, you can refer to the MAMP website.

During the installation, you can include the MAMP control panel into you Mac Dashboard. This is quite helpful for you to start and stop the server. you can also pick either PHP4 or PHP5 by switching to the back panel by clicking the i button which is located under the Apache label on the front panel.

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