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Drupal – Create New Custom Content Type with CCK

By default, there are 3 content types bundled with a new Drupal Installation. They are Blog, Page and Story. But the Blog content type is not available until you have enabled the Blog module in Drupal Core. So if you want to create your own content type, what you need is the Content Construction Kit module (CCK).

The CCK module is a very common module in the Drupal community. With CCK, you could add more fields in any content type rather than just having Title and Body in the node. Moreover, there are some field modules which provide a standard and ready-to-use field types such as Link, Email, Date… etc. You could find more information in the references at the end of this post. Continue reading Drupal – Create New Custom Content Type with CCK

Joomla – Disable Email Auto Link

Whenever u have an email address inside a Joomla page, it would be linked automatically.

To disable this feature, log in as administrator.

1. Goes to Mambots -> Site Mambots

2. Unpublish the Email Cloaking Mambot

Done =)

Update @ 2013-05-03: Disabling the plugin ‘Content – Email Cloaking’ under plugin manager could also solve this issue as suggested by Larisa. Thanks Larisa. =D