TortoiseSVN – SVN+SSH protocol with SSL key authentication

In the past, i usually integrate SVN with Apache such that i could access the SVN repository through the HTTP protocol.
Apache and SVN Integration

I could use TortoiseSVN to checkout the SVN repository with correct username and password. But sometimes, we need to use SVN+SSH to access the SVN repository. Here are the steps using SSH key authentication.

1. Add your private key in pageant.exe.

2. Create a new directory which you want to checkout a SVN repository in Windows Explorer.

3. In the target folder, right click and select TortoiseSVN -> Settings.

4. Go to the Network section select TortoisePlink.exe as the SSH Client.

5. Open TortoiseSVN -> Repo-browser and enter the following URL.

  • svn+ssh://[username]@[putty saved session name]/path/to/repository


6. Enter your private key passphrase to complete the checkout.

Done =)

Reference: TortoiseSVN over SSH on Windows via PuTTY


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