Drupal 7 – Mutiliple selection list for taxonomy using Hierarchical Select

Taxonomy is a must have tool for grouping relevant content together. On the other hand, with the help of Views and exposed filter, user could easily list out the content with specific taxonomy.

But when a taxonomy has more than 1 levels, the filter option list may get too long and become less user friendly. In the past, i tried to make a multiple selection lists by applying some Javascript and jQuery on the exposed filter. It turns out that the result is quite bad.

Recently i found that there is a module which could turn the multiple levels taxonomy into multiple selection lists. It is called Hierarchical Select written by Wim Leers who is also the author of Drupal CDN module. Let’s try it now.

1. Download Hierarchical Select module and enable the Hierarchical Select Taxonomy.


2. Create a taxonomy with at least 1 level.


3. Create a content type and add the Term reference to it, you can pick Hierarchical Select as widget.


4. You can configure the Hierarchical Select by clicking the Widget Type tab.


5. Create a new content and you will find that the taxonomy selection has a new look.


Looks cool, right? As i mentioned before, this Hierarchical Select could be applied to exposed filter too but this feature is not yet completely ported to Drupal 7. Thanks Wim Leers for his great work and i am looking forward to Views exposed filter integration.

Done =)



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