PHP – dompdf render() timeout problem

I found a very good post which demonstrate how to integrate dompdf in CodeIgniter.
CodeIgniter Wiki – PDF generation using dompdf

For some unknown reasons, i found that the the pdf_create() function will get stuck when i try to create a pdf file and this results in timeout error. I located the problem which is caused by $dompdf->render(). After searching for a while. i finally found the failure reason @ Google Groups dompdf – Max execution time error.

The timeout problem occurs when your pdf template view file has a nested table! The problem is resolved after i removed the nested table.



7 thoughts on “PHP – dompdf render() timeout problem”

  1. GENIUS!
    I had simple table with one image per row and it timeouted with max execution time set to 600 seconds!
    I removed table and…. EUREKA! IT WORKS! (wtf btw 😉 )


      1. Nested table means a table inside table. So make sure u don’t there is no table tag wrapper by another table tag.


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