Drupal 7 – Disable certain regions by conditions using Context

Context could help you to manage the layout. In the past, i would use the Page manager of Chaos Tool Suite and Panels to control the layout but now i have completely move to the Context module. You can decide which regions should be hidden.

However, i found that it may not work for certain regions and so i raise it in the Context project page. I will keep my eyes on it.
Context – Disable regions

1. Download and enable the Context module.


2. Go to admin/structure/context and add a new context. In this example i would like to disable the certain regions when view the Article node. So i add a Node Type condition.


3. Next, add the Region reaction and pick the regions which u want to disable.


4. Save the context and the regions should be disabled.

I have tried it on Omega theme but it does not work at all. However, when i apply it on the default Bartik theme, the Sidebar first could be hidden but not Header.

Done =)

Reference: Drupal module – Context

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