Drupal 7 – Modify the internal/system path of Taxonomy Terms

The default path of taxonomy term is taxonomy/term/[term-id]. Although we can now use term alias in Drupal 7, we may still want to change the internal path with a specific pattern. For example, i want to replace all the term page by a view which has term id as input parameter. In that case, i want to set the path of all terms to my-term-view/[term-id] instead of taxonomy/term/[term-id]. This could be done by using the Entity Path module.

Download and install the module. and you will find the configuration page @ admin/config/content/entity_path/list.

As you can see from the above picture, we can even set the query and fragment patterns. We select the Tags vocabulary in this example.

Save and see what you get now.


Entity path is not limited to taxonomy but any entities in Drupal 7. Hope this module could help you.

Happy coding.

Done =)


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