PHP – Convert Big5 to UTF-8

I am not familiar with the character encoding. I have a ISO-8859-1 string(Big5). After i convert it to UTF-8 by the utf8_encode() function, garbage characters are shown in the HTML. Finally, i found another way to convert Big5 to UTF-8.

The following function will break down a Big5 string into characters and convert them into UTF-8 one by one.

function big52utf8($big5str) {

	$blen = strlen($big5str);
	$utf8str = "";

	for($i=0; $i<$blen; $i++) {
		$sbit = ord(substr($big5str, $i, 1));
		//echo $sbit;
		//echo "<br>";
		if ($sbit < 129) {
		} elseif ($sbit > 128 && $sbit < 255) {
			$new_word = iconv("BIG5", "UTF-8", substr($big5str,$i,2));

	return $utf8str;



Done =)

Reference: 台灣PHP聯盟[ Taiwan PHP User Group ] – php iconv Big5 to UTF-8


3 thoughts on “PHP – Convert Big5 to UTF-8”

  1. The above function is not converting BIG5 to UTF-8. Please help me..
    Is there any language package need to be installed in my system?


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