Amazon S3 – The s3cmd command line tool

Previously i got my GnuPG ready in Mac. Now i need to setup the s3cmd.
Mac – GnuPG Installation

For Mac:
1. Download the s3cmd package @ S3 tools – Download

2. Extract the archive

  • tar zxf s3cmd-1.0.1.tar.gz


3. Move to the extracted folder and run the following command to configure the s3cmd

  • ./s3cmd –configure


4. You will need to enter the following information

  • S3 Access Key
  • S3 Secret Key
  • Encryption password
  • Path to GPG program


5. You could check the path of the gpg command by

  • which gpg

In my case, the path is /usr/local/bin/gpg

6. Save the setting if everything works fine.

Success. Your access key and secret key worked fine :-)

Now verifying that encryption works...
Success. Encryption and decryption worked fine :-)

Save settings? [y/N] y
Configuration saved to '/Users/kit/.s3cfg'


That’s all. For Debian Linux like Ubuntu, you can install it by apt-get install s3cmd. The gpg path would probably be /usr/bin/gpg.

Apart from the s3cmd, there is another S3 command line tool called Bucket Explorer as suggested by Kirti. You can try that too. =)

Done =)


2 thoughts on “Amazon S3 – The s3cmd command line tool”

    1. Hi Kirti,
      Thanks for your comment. i will try the bucket explorer next time when i need to work with a S3 server. =)



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