Tapestry – Create a Tapestry Project in Maven

After creating all the entity beans in the backend project. it’s time to move on to the frontend stuff. First, we need to decide what Java frontend framework is used in our project. so i take the chance to learn Tapestry.

With Maven, we can make use of the Archetype as a project template to start our first Tapestry project. This post shows u how to make start your first Tapestry project in Eclipse with m2eclipse installed.

1. Create a new Maven project


2. Select the org.apache.tapestry quickstart archetype


3. Fill in the information of your first Tapestry project


4. Create a new Maven Build and start the maven-jetty-plugin


5. Browse your first Tapestry project at http://localhost:8080/tutorial1


Now you can follow the Tapestry tutorial and study the basic configuration of a Tapestry project.

Done =)


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