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Yum – Check for update of repositories

When a new rpm is added to a yum repository server, the cache in the client machine makes the new rpm unreachable. To check for update of repositories, run the following command in the client.

  • yum clean expire-cache


Then you can try to search for your new rpm by

  • yum list <new rpm package>


Done =)

Reference: How do I get yum to see updates to a local repo without cleaning cache?


PHP – PHP 5.3 Repository for CentOS from Webtatic.com

Webtatic.com provides its own repository. If you want to get the latest packages such as PHP and MySQL, you can consider adding it to your yum repo by the following steps.

1. Add the yum repository information

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CentOS – PHP5.2 Installation

Finally i make the yum work in the virtual linux inside the Cisco AXP 1.5. That virtual linux has a Cisco Built Linux Kernel which only has some basic commands and i need to install many software on it in order to make my application works. One of the pre-requisites is PHP 5.2 but unfortunately, the default CentOS repository – http://mirror.centos.org/ only provides PHP5.1.
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