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Apache – Redirect non-www to www Subdomain

Redirecting non-www to www url can be simply done by adding a virtual host configuration. For example, if i have a domain ykyuen.com and i want to redirect it to http://www.ykyuen.com, just add the following virtual host. Continue reading Apache – Redirect non-www to www Subdomain


Apache – Setup the VirtualHost

Usually, people got more than one website in the Apache web server and sometimes they want to separate them into different domain names. This can be done by the Apache VirtualHost.

The following example is done in Mac MAMP, i guess the configuration on Linux and Windows should be similar. Let’s start now.

1. I have 2 folders in the Apache webroot folder

  • drupal-6.19 – The Drupal Application
  • HelloWorld – Folder contains simple HTML

Continue reading Apache – Setup the VirtualHost