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rsync – Sync with delete

Previously i wrote a post about how to limit the bandwidth during an rsync operation.


Another parameter which you could alter is whether you want to delete the extra files in the destination folder.

rsync --delete -v -e ssh /home/ykyuen/* ykyuen@remote-server:/home/ykyuen/


Done =)

Reference: Juan Valencia’s website – Synchronizing folders with rsync

Linux – Limit the bandwidth for rsync

We can use the --bwlimit to limit the bandwidth being used by the rsync command. Here is an example which transfer the local files to a remote server using ssh+rysnc.

rsync --bwlimit=100 -v -e ssh /home/ykyuen/* ykyuen@remote-server:/home/ykyuen/


The bandwidth is limited to 100kb/s.

Done =)