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Garbled characters when opening CSV in Microsoft Excel

Quite often i will use Microsoft Excel to edit CSV file. But sometimes you may find garbled characters in the opened file and it is caused by the file encoding.

For example, Excel could not view UTF-8 file. So if you got a CSV encoded in UTF-8, you need to convert it to ANSI encoded. This could be done by opening the CSV file in Notepad and then save it as new file in ANSI encoding. Continue reading Garbled characters when opening CSV in Microsoft Excel

Notepad++ – Explorer Plugin

As i want to develop a Rails application, i would like to have an editor like TextMate which i can use in Windows. It seems that Notepad++ would be a good option but it does not have a project explorer for me to switch the files.

Luckily, there is a Notepad++ plugin called Explorer where you can add the project explorer view.

1. Download it from Notepad++ Explorer Plugin.

2. Extract the archive and put the .dll file into <Notepad++>\plugins folder. Continue reading Notepad++ – Explorer Plugin