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Sticky nav bar when it reaches the top on scroll down

Just make a simple POC for my General Assembly FEWD student.

Create the following files within the same folder
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Eureka! – 2013 Review

Today is the Chinese New Year Eve, good timing for a blog review. =P

Another year passed~ i have been writing blog post for almost four and a half years. Last year is another life changing year.

  • Started the teaching for General Assembly gave me the chance to get in touch with the people from different part of the world.
  • Joined two hackathons (ODHK and AngelHack) gave me a new experience on how to covert your idea into a prototype.
  • Participated in the Open Data Hong Kong meets.

Wish everyone has a fulfilling 2014 and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

  • 2013 Jan – 77,418
  • 2013 Feb – 72,316
  • 2013 Mar – 83,401
  • 2013 Apr – 83,999
  • 2013 May – 68,702
  • 2013 Jun – 53,342
  • 2013 Jul – 52,452
  • 2013 Aug – 43,646
  • 2013 Sep – 33,306
  • 2013 Oct – 35,019
  • 2013 Nov – 31,629
  • 2013 Dec – 28,267
  • 2013 Total – 663,497

General Assembly – Drupal Workshop in Hong Kong


General Assembly Hong Kong and I will be giving a Drupal Workshop on 14th August 2013 at the Hive. Make your reservation at the GA website.

Drupal is an open source Content Management System (CMS) and in this 2 hours workshop, we will go through the basic concepts on working with Drupal including Content Type, Node, Block, Module and Theme.

This class is a stepping stone for you to get into the Drupal world. Whether you are web developer, an entrepenuer or a project manager, by understanding the Drupal habitat, you will be able to consider whether Drupal is fit for your career, your business or your project.

Hope to see you there~ =)

Venue address:
The Hive
21st Floor, The Phoenix Building
No.23 Luard Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Google Map

Mongoose – Simple web server

Thanks my friend Mart who introduces reveal.js to me. It’s a great presentation framework and we used it for our Front End Web Development course in General Assembly.

Without the web development framework like Python Django or Ruby on Rails which bundle with pserver and WEBrick, i would like to find a light weight web server such that i could edit and preview my markdown which runs on reveal.js. Finally i find Mongoose.
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