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Linux – Re-sign an rpm package

Working on the Puppet manifest to install the newrelic-sysmond package to all the nodes. I want to host the newrelic-sysmond.rpm on the company repository server but in that case the i have to re-sign the rpm.

What i need to do is to download the rpm from the New Relic repository, move it to the RPM build server and run the following command.

  • rpm --resign newrelic-sysmond-


You will be prompted to enter the passphrase and that’s it.

Done =)

Reference: Maximum RPM – Signing Packages

openSUSE – Build a rpm package

Update @ 2013-12-30: If you are working on fedora core4, please refer to the comment by Gurce. Thx Gurce. =D

Recently, i need to study building a rpm package. after searching on google, i found a very useful document about how to build and rpm.
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