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FlashChartHelper @ 2

My first flash pie chart looks wonderful. Actually there are many other chart types such as bar chart and radar chart etc. You can find more at here.

So now i would like to put the labels on the chart to indicate the actual meaning of the figures. Here is an example shows you how to add labels on the lovely pie chart.
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FlashChartHelper @ 1

The CakePHP website which i am working has a voting module. So after voting, i would like to show the vote result graphically instead of listing the corresponding vote figure next to the vote option in text. So i search on the web and find the FlashChartHelper. The following steps show u how to create u own lovely chart. Try it!
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Ajax implementation on CakePHP @ 1

I have been working on a website which make use of the ajax features under the CakePHP framework. Although the CakePHP framework provides Ajax Helper for the ajax implementation, it is not easy to use since there are not very much resources about cakePHP on web and some of them are quite confusing.

I just keep trial and error and finally make something work as i wish. =)
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