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The CakePHP website which i am working has a voting module. So after voting, i would like to show the vote result graphically instead of listing the corresponding vote figure next to the vote option in text. So i search on the web and find the FlashChartHelper. The following steps show u how to create u own lovely chart. Try it!

Simple Flash Chart by FlashChartHelper in CakePHP

1. Download the Flash Chart Helper at here
2. The version used in this project is FlashChartHelper_3.3.91
3. Extract the zipped files to the appropriated paths in the cakephp application project

  • Please note that the open-flash-chart.swf should be at the ~/webroot folder instead of ~/webroot/flash

4. Include the helper in the Controller

var $helpers = array('FlashChart');

5. Include the javascript in the view

   echo $javascript->link('prototype');
   echo $javascript->link('swfobject');

6. Add the sample pie chart in the view

   echo $flashChart->begin(array('prototype'=>true));
   $flashChart->setToolTip('#percent# of 100%');
   $flashChart->setTitle('Cake chart','{color:#f1a334;font-size:25px;padding-bottom:20px;}');
   echo $flashChart->pie(array('start_angle' => 59,'values' => 'true', 'tooltip' => '#val# of #total#<br>#percent# of 100%'));
   echo $flashChart->render(400,250); 

7. That’s all! =)

Reference: FlashChartHelper

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