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Apache and SVN Integration

You can access the SVN repository through the HTTP protocol after you have integrated the SVN server with Apache. The following steps were done in Ubuntu Lucid (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS).

1. Install the Apache2, Subversion and libapache2-svn.

  • sudo apt-get install apache2 subversion libapache2-svn

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Apache – .htaccess VS httpd.conf

So if both .htaccess and httpd.conf can serve the same purpose (Apache – Disable Directory Listing), which one should we pick?

On performance point of view, .htaccess is read every time when the directory is loaded. and each directory can have it own .htaccess. so this may cause a performance hit but seems that it is not very significant.
The Fubra Blog – .htaccess vs httpd.conf

On the other hand, the situation may bother your choice. Not every user got the permission on writing the httpd.conf file and they may even do not have the right to restart the Apache Server. In this case, you have to use .htaccess to restrict the access right.

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Apache – Setup the VirtualHost

Usually, people got more than one website in the Apache web server and sometimes they want to separate them into different domain names. This can be done by the Apache VirtualHost.

The following example is done in Mac MAMP, i guess the configuration on Linux and Windows should be similar. Let’s start now.

1. I have 2 folders in the Apache webroot folder

  • drupal-6.19 – The Drupal Application
  • HelloWorld – Folder contains simple HTML

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